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What you need to know about a church pew

What you need to know about a church pew

Church pews are long benches or enclosed boxes which are used to seat people in a church or congregation.

The seating of church pews is generally done in a way that every person in the congregation can hear the sermons, as well as get a good view of the front. Seating is important in a church as each person equally should feel part of the church. Pews are also important considering sermons may last for hours, making comfortable seating a crucial factor to enhance the experience for those attending church.

Church pews can be colonial or modern in style. The colonial style retains its aesthetic and usually use designs that are adorned with certain carving and woodwork that recreates the feeling of an old but warm and homely place. Modern pews, on the other hand, use matte finishes with minimalistic designs. This gives the church a modern look and provides a good contrast to the remaining architecture.

There is another type – traditional pews, which incorporate some aspects of colonial furniture but at the same do not use any imperial motifs. Most motifs found on traditional church pews include shapes such as rectangles or domes that compliment the shape of the pew.

Other motifs found on colonial pews are crosses or flowers. Colonial ends are usually thicker than traditional or modern ends and have a raised panel with extra sharp corners. Modern church pews use limited motifs and have soft or rounded off edges. They look neat and sophisticated.

Most church pews use wood to prepare the ends and body. The wood used in them vary from Oakwood to Maplewood but is mainly dependent on the budget of the church. High-quality wood leads to longer life and durability. It ensures that the pews can be used for a good amount of years.

They can also come in styles of curved, straight and mitered. Curved pews are designed for maximum seating and most efficient viewing. Straight pews are the most well-known and most used style and are seated in a line facing the church. Mitered pews are less spacious and comfortable as curved pews, but seat more people than the traditional straight pews.

Church pews can also come in many types. They come in a full wood body and are made either from Oakwood or Maplewood, wood body with upholstered seats for increased comfort, wood body with upholstered seat and backrest for maximum comfort, and fully upholstered seats including rear back for comfort and aesthetic appeal.