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Understanding different types of gym equipment and their uses

Understanding different types of gym equipment and their uses

If you are planning to join a gym, stepping in there for the first time can be a daunting experience. Finding yourself amidst a number of total gym equipment, out of which you recognize only a few, might make you feel overwhelmed. To escape such a feeling, it is better to familiarize yourself with some of the common gym equipment and their uses.

Cable machines
With cables running through a pulley, cable machines link exchangeable handles to a weight stack. This gym equipment can have one or more pulleys that can be fixed or adjustable. By positioning pulleys in numerous ways and using various handles, you can perform conventional weight training and other sports movements on cable machines.

Standing calf machine
Standing calf machine of a total gym is slightly different from the seated calf machine. It allows users to develop their calf muscles from a different angle. These machines help to strengthen the ankle joint by targeting the calves.

The dumbbell is a short barbell, which people can easily use to build and tone muscles at home. There are adjustable dumbbells that come with small collars that you can clip on the ends of dumbbells. In most of the gyms, there are dumbbell racks that hold a number of fixed weight dumbbells.

Triceps bar
Triceps bar is an oval shaped bar that usually comes with two parallel hand replacements. You can use this gym equipment to work on your triceps without stressing your wrists. Though the name of the exercise equipment is triceps bar, it can be used on other body parts as well.

The bench is the most common gym equipment that comes in different variants. Available in three types flat, decline and incline, the gym benches can be adjustable and fixed. Some benches have racks on their sides, while others don’t. The hyper extension bench can be used for working the lower back, hamstring, and glute muscles. Hyper-extension bench in some gyms can also be used for sit ups. The preacher bench has a design that makes it suitable for working the biceps. You are supposed to put your upper arms on its angled pad, which makes weight swinging easy. The abdominal bench is suitable for doing abdominal exercises. To prevent sliding off from the bench, you can hook your feet in rollers attached with the bench.

Plyometric platforms
The sturdy or elevated platforms that you find in most of the gyms are the plyometric or plyo platforms. To suit varying heights, users can adjust the height of the platform. These platforms enable users to do jumping exercises for building power. These elevated bases are also ideal for strength training exercises.

Power rack
The power rack allows users to lift heavy weights without a spotter. You can step into the cube outlined by steel rails. For your safety, you can place safety stops at desired levels.