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Top 10 potato dessert recipes

Top 10 potato dessert recipes

If you thought potatoes could only make for savory food items, think again. Potatoes and sweet potatoes can be used to make some of the most unique and enjoyable desserts. Tubers like these add density and smoothness to most batters and therefore add fantastic flavor and taste to sweet dishes. Get a little experimental and check out these potato desserts that taste absolutely divine!

Mini potato souffles
You read that right, you can make light and fluffy souffles with a batter of sweet potato, cinnamon, brown sugar, egg whites and some vanilla extract. Blend all the ingredients and bake until puffy. This recipe would make souffles soft and make every bite melt in your mouth.

Sweet potato marshmallow bars
You can make some mouthwatering bars with sweet potato filling! You would need to make a crust and add some gooey filling on to it. To make the crust use ground crackers, sugar and salt and for the filling blend together pureed sweet potatoes, eggs, cream and vanilla extracts. Once finely blended, lay the filling atop the crust and bake until golden. These bars taste amazing during lazy summer evenings!

Potato doughnuts
Moist and fluffy, these potato doughnuts are not only tasty but very easy to make. The recipe for potato doughnut is the same as any other traditional doughnut recipe. The only exception in a potato doughnut recipe is that of sour cream. Add mashed sweet potato in place of sour cream and enjoy the amazing flavor of maple, lemon, sweet potato and cinnamon in an all new potato doughnut.

Potato pudding
This recipe is an amazing dessert perfect for a holiday treat. What’s best, it also works as a great comfort food on lonely evenings. For this recipe, you could either use ordinary potatoes or their sweetened cousins. In a blender, pulse sweet potato, eggs, milk, nutmeg, sugar, cinnamon, cream butter and ground ginger. Blend till light and fluffy. Bake the batter for about 40 minutes and serve hot with fresh cream and strawberries!

Sweet potato brownies
This recipe is a healthier variant of traditional calorie laden brownies. It will not only soothe your sweet tooth cravings but also help you stay guilt-free. To make the brownies healthy you can skip the chocolate ganache. To prepare the batter, use mashed potatoes, sugar, eggs, baking powder and flour and blend it until you get a smooth consistency. Add the batter to a prepared and buttered dish and bake for 20 minutes. Cool and enjoy these delightful brownies with your friends and family!