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Three cat myths busted

Three cat myths busted

People all round the world have loved dogs, and that’s okay. But, to push away cats as pets that aren’t friendly or stubborn is wrong. Here are a few breeds that will break all the common cat myths, and make you want to have one as soon as you can.

The ragdoll: Lazy or rather floppy, yet gentle and rather affectionate, this cat would, in the sense of a dog owner, be a lot like a pug. It follows you wherever you go. It cannot defend itself, and should be well taken care of and protected. Kids in the house would be most delighted to have this little kitty around. It’s safe to play with this breed as they really know that teeth and claws should not be used while playing. Animals around can be good company, but the self-defense can be a bit of a concern when some aggressive animals come into the picture. Grooming is one thing this cat requires. A relaxed lifestyle suits the cat best. It weighs just about 15 pounds.

The siamese: This is one breed that breaks all the stereotypes that people have of cats. Attention is something they love, and would loudly and openly demand for it too. Love is something they would reciprocate to very well and are extremely social in nature. They are very habit driven and love to travel a lot. They of course can be a bit nervous at times, but are certainly the cat breed you want to take home with you. They come in a range of colors and the patches are a part of the breed in general.

The abyssinian: An old breed of cats, with pointy ears, slender legs and a build that resembles the Egyptian breed of cats. It is one that is small in size and is a cute little ball of fur. It weighs just about 10 pounds, A smart cat, and unlike most myths, is an extrovert too. It can be a tiny explorer that loves to play. Water is its weakness, in the sense that you can be sure to have a partner when you feel like taking a dip in your tub. They don’t do too well with strangers, but are rather curious. For a family, it’s a wonderful pick, because they are comfortable and love their homely environment. They stay loyal and have a very friendly nature when it comes to socializing with other animals.