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Samsung Galaxy S8 – An upgrade you shouldn’t miss

Samsung Galaxy S8 – An upgrade you shouldn’t miss

Smartphones are one of the biggest boons of technology and have proven to be helpful in getting us through the day. We live our lives through our phones. They are now our screens of choice to enjoy everything from reading to play the games. If you are keen on buying a new smartphone, you need to go through the various smartphone reviews online, since this is where you can find the right information regarding smartphones. There are special sites that ensure the potential buyers receive right smartphone review.

According to the various Android cell phone reviews, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has infinity display that gives you an incredible full-screen experience that also fits in your hand. This is a 5’8 inch OLED display. It is a sharp screen with huge display and high resolution. The edges of the S8 have a seamless feeling and pushed the display to the top and bottom of the phone. It has switched from the hardware buttons. The software button is basic, and the position can be changed. The fingerprint reader is at the back of the phone which makes the position a bit difficult. The functionality is not compromised as it is extremely thin and has a headphone jack. It also has wireless charging and fast charging. The phone has iris scanner in order to protect your most important files. This phone has the home button on the screen that creates an enigmatic full-screen experience. This full-screen phone gives you the experience to work more and multitask on the same screen. This phone was created by reorganizing the interior of the phone. The components are made smaller without making any compromises on the performance on the phone. This was created by having a curved edge display that removed the blazes on the sides of the phone. The experience of seeing a movie and game has a better experience with the infinity display. It almost feels like you are holding a display. It is immersive if you are playing video games.

Galaxy S8 gives a whole new way to interact with Bixby. This analysis gets smarter and more intuitive with every use. If you do like something, it even helps you analyze the image and provides information without having to type a single world. As Bixby evolves with every use, it becomes smarter and shows things you already need without you having to instruct or target search. This gives you the right content just when you need it. Bixby also gives you information on what you are looking at and gives you information that is needed. Samsung also provides Samsung Dex provides you a PC with an experience with your phone. The Bixby does everything that a google assistant does, but it’s just done by Samsung. Bixby has their own button on the side, and it also has a google assistant as it has a google assistant as well.

The camera which is 8MP in the front helps you capture perfect selfies by recognizing your face. It will always focus on your face. It can also take sharp, beautiful pictures in low light. The zoom in feature has become easier with the dual pixel 12 MP rear view mirror. You can broadcast from your phone with the Gear 360 you can live broadcast. This phone is waterproof. It is similar to S7 cameras, and nothing has really changed.

Overall the Galaxy S8 is impressive. The design of the phone is enhanced. They have not worked a lot on the camera and software. The battery life is not good, and the fast charging is not as fast as it used to be. The phone does not get overheated. The gaming on the phone gives you a very good experience. The performance on the phone is fast and blaze through everything you want to do. It is almost a perfect phone by Samsung. It has every feature conceivable to a human mind.