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How to make probiotic yogurts with cheese and mayo?

How to make probiotic yogurts with cheese and mayo?

If you wish to keep your body healthy, you can simply ensure that your gut is balanced with good health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, daily intake of probiotic yogurts help a lot by providing enough nutrition. However, only some of the yogurt contains highly rich probiotics, while other yogurts in the supermarket consist of a very less nearly 10% probiotics to make a health claim.

You can consume yogurt in various ways to improve your health. Try two best recipes that you can prepare out of yogurt, through the common items available in your kitchen. Have you ever tried some of the best delicious probiotic yogurt cheese? Are you aware that it is the very simplest recipe?

How to prepare yogurt cheese?
To prepare probiotic yogurts, take a half pint of yogurt or as per your requirement, pour into a cheese cloth, tie to a wooden spoon and hang it in a tumbler to drip. Let it drip properly for about 8 hours or more to make a dryer cheese. Once it gets separated from the spoon, you can flavor the cheese in several ways. Add sea salt to a tasty cream cheese, or you can even add herbs as well as spices for a delicious spreadable cheese. You can even consume it on crackers or fill a celery stalk with it.

How to prepare mayo?
While mayo may seem complicated to prepare from scratch, it is easy to make by simply adding the oil, and stream it too slowly. Ingredients needed to prepare the mayo include 1 whole egg, an egg yolk, 1 Tsp of organic mustard. You can add 1 and ½ tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tbsp of liquid whey, yoghurt cheese, also 1 cup sunflower oil, light olive oil, and other types of light tasting oil, a large pinch of sea salt, etc to get the perfect creaminess.

Pour all ingredients into a blender except oil, and turn on to combine all ingredients, and finally blend until thick. Later leave this on the counter to culture for about 6 to 8 hours approximately.