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Ingrown hair removal for the bikini area

Ingrown hair removal for the bikini area

Summer or winter, if you are excited about flaunting your new bikini, there is nothing that should dampen your excitement. However, ingrown hair in the bikini area can be a matter of concern for many. The more often you use hair removal methods, the more likely you are to get ingrown hair. And as much as you try to avoid these, they bound to appear and make your skin pricky.

Ingrown hair is a result of hair that grows and curls back into the layer of the skin. Ingrown hair is not harmful; however, it may put the skin at the risk of developing infections. Thus, it is essential to undergo ingrown hair removal.

Here are a few methods and ways that will help in ingrown hair removal along the bikini line:

Do not wax or use a razor for a while – If you notice that there is too much of ingrown hair on the skin in the bikini area, it is likely that the cause may be due to hair removal that takes place immediately. When you undergo hair removal too often, the hair does not get a chance to grow properly. This leads to an increase in ingrown hair. Thus, before undergoing ingrown hair removal, it is necessary to stop using any methods of hair removal, especially waxing and razor blades.

Use a tweezer – ingrown hair removal can be undertaken using a needle or tweezers. This has to be done by drawing out the tip of the ingrown hair from the buried tip. Gasp the curled hair using the tweezer and gently pull it out. You may require a magnifying glass as the bump may be incredibly tiny to locate with naked eyes.

Exfoliate – Exfoliating is a standard method that is used in ingrown hair removal. Spread an exfoliating scrub on the affected area and use a soft brush to scrape out the papule. Move the brush in a circular motion over the skin. This ingrown hair removal method will quickly draw out the tip of the hair and make the skin more subtle.

In case, there is an excess of ingrown hair, and the above methods do not bring relief, you can visit the doctor who will prescribe a medicated ingrown hair removal cream. Application of these creams can bring improvement in ingrown hair and remove dead skin. Also, any inflammation or infection should be quickly reported to the doctor as it can cause further complications if not treated in time.