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Important features to consider while building garage doors

Important features to consider while building garage doors

Garage doors are large doors that are operated by an electric motor or sometimes manually in a garage. These doors can easily accommodate vehicles and automobiles. The larger doors are mainly made with numerous joint panels that roll up above the entrance. The mechanism of the large doors is spring-loaded and human effort is reduced to operate this type of door. There are doors, which even swing or slide horizontally. These doors are characteristically made of three sections and are hinged together.

Single & double garage doors
These doors are versatile in use and many people opt for putting two single doors next to each other.
Less energy is used by making use of single doors, especially when they are lifted using a motor.
On the other hand, the best feature of double doors for garage is that automatic doors are made available in this model, which open like normal doors. These doors are very practical for use.

The other categories of these doors include roll up doors, double oscillating doors and horizontal opening doors. Each of these different types has its own set of benefits.

Materials used for garage doors
The materials used for making these doors include metal, wood and fiberglass. There are insulated doors also, which are designed to prevent heat loss. Larger versions of these doors are made use of in locomotive sheds, bus garages and in warehouses.
The cost of aluminum garage door is less and the main features of the aluminum doors are that they are rust-proof and light. Moreover, these doors require very less maintenance. Their only drawbacks are that they are energy-inefficient and not very strong.
There are special premium doors also manufactured that are fiberglass units.
The most commonly used doors for garages include steel doors, which are available in a variety of styles, and sizes.
Garage doors made of wood are known to offer artistic appeal, but are a bit expensive. The cost of maintenance of these doors is also on the higher side.

Aspects to consider while designing garage doors
There are certain aspects you must consider while building a garage; well, the first is detailed planning. The main benefit of these doors is that they are very convenient during cold and wet weather. The modern garage design incorporates use of automated doors as well as sensor system. The automated door system is very beneficial as the door opens automatically when the car approaches the garage door. The standard sizes of doors available for the garage include sizes 8’x7′ and 8’x16′.

Medium-size cars can be accommodated with these sizes very comfortably in a garage, but not a large SUV. Investing money on an oversized garage while building your home is good value for your money. An oversized garage appeals to the larger market at the time of selling your home. The value of the property also increases substantially if you spend a little more in designing oversized garage doors.