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How to maintain fiberglass pools

How to maintain fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools are a trending choice because of their various benefits. Even though fiberglass pools are long-lasting and durable, they do require some maintenance. Maintaining and taking care of a pool would benefit you in the long term. Taking care of the pool will help prolong its usage and protect it from any damage.

Follow the tips mentioned below on a regular basis for an easy fiberglass pool maintenance

Chlorine level:
Chlorine does the function of sanitizing the pool water. High levels of chlorine can affect the pool adversely. It can also cause skin and eye irritation. Hence it is necessary to maintain a chlorine level of 3.0 parts per million and use chlorine specifically meant for fiberglass pools.

While cleaning fiberglass pools it is always preferable to use the cleanser prescribed by the manufacturer. Do not use any brushes or scrubbers as these can cause scratches on the surface of the pool. Use a skimmer to remove the debris and a vacuum for cleaning the bottom.

Fiberglass pools are very elegant hence any stain can spoil their look. Stains rarely occur in fiberglass pools. But the main reason for stains sometimes appearing on the pool is a high level of dissolved metals present in the water. Using the metal cleansing agent recommended by the manufacturer would help to reduce these stains.

Pool cover:
Buying a pool cover will help you maintain the correct temperature of the pool. It will also prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris and any waste on the surface of the water.

Vacuuming the pool:
Vacuuming the pool can be a little time consuming but it is necessary to do it at least once every two weeks. This will remove the debris and also help to maintain the chemical levels in the pool.

Fiberglass pools require very little maintenance but if you are aware of the correct procedure and have the required tools the job will be done quickly and easily.