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How to get it right with Christmas lights!

How to get it right with Christmas lights!

Christmas marks the peak of holidays and is generally celebrated with much pomp and show in most households. This is the time when the family gathers together to set up a tree and celebrate the real spirit of Christmas with much bunting, baking and bonhomie. There are various ways in which one can decorate the home and the garden to get it ready for Christmas and one of the main ways includes the tress as well as the Christmas lights.

Christmas lights are one of the best design and decor elements that one can use in order to make a statement. From glass globe like baubles to fairy light strings, there are a number of lights that one can choose in order to make a Christmas-y statement! Read on to find out more about Christmas decor and how you can get it right with Christmas lights!

The very first thing that we do in order to decorate for the festive season, is to get the tree home. Choose one as per the liking of your family and bring home a fresh tree that will spread warmth and fragrance for all those days when it is at home. The tree should be done up with lots of ornaments, which have some meaning for the family members as well as heirlooms that have traditionally been used in the grandparents’ homes as well.

Have fun
Let the bunting and the ornaments do all the talking as far as your home and personality goes. If you are a single girl living with your friends, you can choose bunting and ornaments like pretty shoes and dresses as well as butterflies and dragon flies. If you have a large family filled with laughter, then you can have an ornament made by each child and have an ornament-making tournament for the rest of the days until Christmas. Also, remember to layer your space with plenty of wreaths and mistletoe, which can be created or bought in various colors so that you have a “fun look” in place.

Remember to hang the prettiest stockings with plenty of frills and fancies with the names of the people clearly written on each one. You may want to include stockings for your dear friends and those of your children as well, so that the bonding and your circle becomes that much larger and warmer.

When you are done with all these touches, it is time to concentrate on Christmas lights. Bring on reams of fairy lights for the curtain rods as well as the mantelpiece. Take these lights and wind them around the tree. Hang globes of lights with pretty ornaments within and brings some larger globes to sit over the wreaths and mistletoe so that they are also well lit up. For the outdoors, remember to check the connection and waterproof the same before you switch the lights on!