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How to cut down expense during the first year of your newborn

How to cut down expense during the first year of your newborn

Indeed, the bliss of parenthood is boundless. The joy of becoming a parent for the first time can hardly be put into words. No wonder the parents put in every effort to ensure that the infant gets the highest possible level of comfort and care.
And on the other end, the monthly budget will shoot up with the entry of a new member of the family. If you act smart, you can definitely bring down the expense without compromising on the needs of the baby. Here goes a few ways of cutting down the expense.

Be choosy!
The manufacturers want their product to sell off. Period! They will prompt you with flashy advertisements and tempting offers. It is all up to you to decide between the wants and needs of the little one. It is absolutely a waste of money to take one of every other product you see in the baby specialty store. Your baby will grow each day in the initial year and the needs will change. Pick up only the products that are useful. You don’t have to buy shoes for the baby at 3-6 month period. Also, you can play smart tricks like choosing those types of bassinets that can be made into a crib as the baby grows.

Diaper buying hacks
Ask any parent where the major expenditure lies during the first year of the baby. The answer would be in diapers. You have different options like disposable diapers, cloth diapers, hybrid diapers, etc. Whatever you choose, buy it when you come across an undeniable offer and stock it.

Hunt for those websites that give away free printable diaper coupons. Keep searching for the specific offers in the brand you are interested in and subscribe to the promotional offers of it. For example, you may find pampers diaper coupons that may help you to save half of its original price for a few hours on a specific day. Don’t miss those chances. When you get a good deal, buy and stock diapers.

Step into a resale shop
Resale shops make a good choice when you are on a tight budget, but do not want to compromise on your baby’s needs. You will find great deals on the baby essentials like bedding, swings, bassinets, cribs etc. at a resale shop. It is a cost-effective option as babies grow fast and the products will hardly have any sign of the previous usage. Also, you can buy clothes which will look same as a brand new one.

Hit the clearance rack
While you have a cutie pie to take care of, you need more stuff like baby wipes, skin care products, detergent for washing baby’s clothes, baby towels and lot more. Check out for the clearance sale on branded shops, and reach to the clearance rack without any doubt. What you should keep in mind is when you find a good deal in baby products, buy it in bulk. You may have to wait till you find the next amazing deal to save money!