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How to clean your BBQ Grill

How to clean your BBQ Grill

BBQ grills have become a mainstay in every home. Come summer and nearly every other house hosts a cookout on a daily basis. However, not too many individuals are fully aware of how to clean their grills once they use them. Here is a helpful guide to clean your BBQ grill properly.

Opt for regular cleaning
One of the secrets to maintaining a clean Kamado grill, for instance, is to clean it from time to time. While detailed cleaning is needed when you use the grill, you can simply wipe the grates and the exterior regularly with a cleaning agent to avoid buildup of dust and grime.

Wash grates with a grill brush and soapy water
Make use of an old sponge, a grill brush and a bucket of soapy water to clean the grates of your Weber gas grill. You may need to use the brush to scrape off the grime attached to the grates. Once the dirt and grime are off, wipe the grates clean with a wet sponge and allow them to dry.

Wash the burner protectors
The burner protectors present in the BBQ grills prevent dirt and grime buildup on the burner. As such, they tend to get very dirty and need to be cleaned meticulously. In case of most grills such as Broil King grills, these burners can be removed easily. Use the grill brush and sponge to scrub the protectors until they look shiny again.

Wipe the burners
It is essential that you clean the burners regularly to prevent them from clogging up with dirt and grime. The best way to clean the burners on Weber gas grills is to wipe them with a wet sponge. The grime should come off easily, failing which you can scrub the burners lightly with the brush.

Remove dirt or grime at the bottom tray
The plates underneath the burners of a big green egg grill can also collect dust and dirt over a period and use. All you need to do is empty the plates and clean them with a sponge. Make sure you clean the bottom tray located beneath the plates as well. Once that is done, assemble all the parts of the grill back into place, and you are good to go.