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How social media has changed the world of marketing

How social media has changed the world of marketing

In the past two decades, the world of technology has gone through a remarkable revolution. The information highway has grown by leaps and bounds, such that million gigabytes of data is being exchanged all across the world in seconds. The universe of marketing has long been ruled by the ever-changing lifestyles of the consumers, has undergone a sea change. The strategies used in yesteryears have long been discarded, and experts have embraced this incredible growth by using social media to fuel their campaigns.

Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have made advertising very precise and personal. They have been the centerpiece of advertising campaigns of today.

Reaching the target audience: Now, customer information is available at finger tips of marketers and this has enabled them to customize campaigns to reach their target audience organically. Every social media page holds the key to the preferences of the consumer. A well-crafted social media operation makes all the difference of a product’s durability in the market. Many brands conduct their advertising exclusively through social media and continue to thrive in the market.

A more precise way of advertising: Companies are able to get accurate information, and this helps in narrowing down the consumer base, and targeting the right customers. Facebook profiles easily pinpoint all the interests and consumer favorites. With many social media marketing applications, that are currently available, it is possible to exclusively target consumers who fit the particular criterion with simplicity. The ease of content that can be easily shared and across large groups of people has made marketing simple.

Ease in solving customer service issues: In the past when the product was launched, it was often difficult to get data on the exact reaction to it. Due to the open nature of social media, customers can communicate with organizations with ease and voice up their opinions comfortably, Thus, a clear channel of communication is established. Corporations have also become extremely accessible to customers, and this has lead to remarkable transformation.

Co-ordinated content creation: It has become easier to build customer base, with companies taking the initiative by involving customers in various advertising campaigns. Customers get the chance to vote on the various new promotional ideas and they can also actively contribute their views on it. This has again bridged the gap between MNC’s and their consumer base.

A future full of possibilities: According to experts, this is only the infancy stage of the grand social media revolution and it is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. But, as with all things the only way to move forward is to seize all the growing trends in their infancy and gradually grow with them. Social media only seems to be adding positive outlook to the marketing sphere.