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Home remedies for treating rib pain

Home remedies for treating rib pain

There are a number of causes when it comes to rib pain, which affect the individual bones or the cartilage that joins the bones to the sternum. There are treatments to provide relief from severe discomforts like bruising or fractures. However for mild discomforts and rib pain, these home remedies will work well.

Raisins with black pepper drink: Chest congestion can be one of the causes of rib pain which is why this home remedy can work as an effective rib pain treatment. A simple drink to make with raisins and black pepper, throw in five of each in boiling water and let it reduce down to a thicker consistency. Consume this preparation lukewarm and continue the treatment till you feel the symptoms fading away.

Dry ginger drink: Use just about 30 gms of dry ginger for this recipe to be effective. Mix it in boiling water and then divide the doses to be consumed throughout the day. A simple and effective recipe to get rid of ribs pain with no side effects whatsoever.

Homemade oil massage: Turpentine oil mixed with camphor can be used as a nice massage oil to relieve ribs pain. This process, when repeated at least four to five times in a day, can prove to be a very effective rib pain treatment. The gentle massage will provide much-needed relief from aching muscles and ribs.

Basil leaves drink: Yet another very effective rib pain treatment which can be ingested without any side effects. A strong recipe prepared with basil, ginger, black pepper and cloves. Most of these ingredients contain anti-inflammatory properties which will help relieve the swelling. Crush all the ingredients to be boiled and reduced in water, to be consumed a couple of times in the day.

Turmeric: One spoon of turmeric mixed with honey will provide the much-needed comfort from chest pain and rib pain. This is a home remedy which happens to work faster than most over the counter drugs or even prescription NSAIDS. If you can manage to overlook the strong taste mixed with sweet honey, this concoction works well as a home rib pain treatment.

Cold therapy: A simple ice pack will do the job when used properly. If you happen to notice any pain and swelling during the first couple of days after noticeable symptoms show up, place an ice bag over the affected area for a couple of minutes to reduce the inflammation. This process can be repeated several times during the day until the pain and swelling subsides.

NSAIDS: Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs are a class of medication which is available with a doctors prescription only. Although this is not exactly a home remedy, sometimes prescription medications will serve the purpose compared to certain over the counter drugs.