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Foods that help clear a stuffy nose

Foods that help clear a stuffy nose

Dealing with flu is especially exasperating when you have to bear the brunt of a stuffy nose. And during such times of discomfort, the only thing in the entire world that can comfort you is food. Having stuffy nose doesn’t necessarily mean that you only have to eat something that your taste buds don’t fancy.

Here are some of the foods that you must have while you are fighting a flu.

Chicken soup
Find your grandma’s family cookbook and whip a chicken soup to tackle with a stuffy nose. Having chicken soup can encourage the congested mucus from your body to clear out. This warm bowl of soup also keeps you hydrated and eases off any headache or fatigue that you are dealing with.
If you happen to be a vegetarian you can try having a warm vegetable broth with generous amounts of herbs and spices.

Spicy food
Remember the last time when you had something spicy, your eyes and nose got all watery. Perfect timing! You can have all of favorite spicy foods while you’re tackling with a stuffy nose. But spicy food doesn’t mean that you will have unhealthy, oily foods. It is advised to only have recipes that are prepared at home. You can try including horseradish and jalapenos in your diet. Ensure that you consume the spices in limited quantities, as it can cause heartburn.

Herbal tea
Having cup of herbal tea can gently stimulate your stuffy nose and congested chest to open up. It will also assist in improving the body’s overall immunity. You can try herbal teas containing rosemary, ginger, chamomile, lemon, honey, etc.

When you’re having a stuffy nose, don’t forget to include onions in your food plan. They are extremely efficient in breaking down the mucus, facilitating instant relief. Consuming raw onions is beneficial for alleviating nasal congestion.

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties garlic can be cleverly comprised in your diet in the form of cooking oil, paste, dips, soups, etc. You can combine this ingredient with elements like ginger, onions, honey, turmeric, etc. for maximum efficiency. Ensure that you don’t overdo it and have it in moderate quantity. Before you consume garlic confirm that you are not allergic to it.

Make sure that you avoid milk products like cheese, whole milk, cream, etc. as it can worsen your condition by encouraging the mucus production. Exclude bananas, red meat, gluten products, refined sugars, alcohol, excessively oily food, etc. as well. Also remember to keep your body hydrated with ample of water.