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Features and performance overview of the Dell Chrome Book 11

Features and performance overview of the Dell Chrome Book 11

The Dell Chrome book 11 is tested for pressure, durability, humidity, temperature, vibration, and shock. It is tough for rough use. The device is built for the backpack and has a rubberized LCD, and its base absorbs shock and has superior drop protection. The Dell Chrome 11 has the significant surface strength, and it has a scratch-resistant touchscreen. The device is built to handle every tap, swipe, and stroke. The device has a fully sealed keyboard, a touch pad and the students can learn without any fear using the laptop. The computer has a light-weight design, and it has a compact display and is easy to put in the backpack.

Some of the innovative features of Dell chrome book 11 are as follows.

  • Flexible viewing
    The laptop has a 180-degree LCD hinge, and it reduces the stress on the lid, the students can conveniently adjust their screen for group-work opportunities.
  • Creative opportunity
    The inventive Chrome book has multi-colored lights, and they signal to the teacher about the online status of the students, the lights tell if a student is participating in a classroom interaction, the lights can be used to answer the questions of the students in a classroom interaction.
  • Easy to hear
    Irrespective of the activity the student is doing, whether the person is watching a presentation, chatting with a classmate or a colleague, playing music, the dual-array microphones, front-facing speakers make it convenient to hear and be heard.
  • Apps for everything
    The inbuilt Google apps are functional, and there are many Google apps available at the Chrome web store and all these help the students to collaborate, create with ease. The students don’t require being online to use the apps; thus, the creativity of the students know no bounds.
  • Power Performer
    The Celeron processor gives the device the speed required for multi-tasking. The device loads web pages with the chrome system software browser and has high productivity.
  • Excellent battery life
    The product has a state of the art battery life and lasts for more than 10 hours at a stretch.
  • Up-to-date software
    The software updates take place automatically and therefore the user does not require to purchase or install upgrades manually.

The Dell XPS 13, Dell Inspiron 13 7000, the newest 2017 Dell Inspiron, and the Dell chrome book 11 make effective use of technology, increase the productivity of the teachers, and help to engage the students better. Dell products have effective hardware and software, and the company helps build a digital learning environment in the schools. Dell products have cloud-based convenience; they have a simple syncing smart backup. The users can connect the Dell laptops to Android phones running Chrome browser for interactive presentations.