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Curing post-nasal drip from the roots

Curing post-nasal drip from the roots

In post-nasal drip, the mucus that is supposed to come out from your nose, drips back to the throat. It causes cough, sore throat, runny nose and harsh voice. The Internet is filled with information on remedies and over-the-counter treatments. Though most remedies when rightly done give effective results, but they are not the permanent solution for the problems. Post-nasal drip treatments should have more weight. A long lasting or a permanent post-nasal drip treatment can also work like a lifetime prevention method.

The current treatments that we read and see or hear about only treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause, or the root cause. Any health problem can be cured once the root cause is identified and treated. Same goes for post-nasal drip treatments.

The causes of post-nasal drip are not responsible for dripping the mucus in the throat area, but causing an environment where more than usual mucus is produced. Post-nasal drip occurs when there is an irritation in the lining of nasal and sinus cavities. Membranes produce plenty of mucus to wash away the irritants and this is how excess mucus is produced. There are many things that can cause the nasal membrane to irritate:
Air pollution,
Extreme temperatures
Viral infections
Stagnated mucus
Acid reflux
Smoking and more

One of most important prevention or post-nasal treatments is to strengthen the immune system. Most of the immune system is present in the gut, and that makes it important for you to eat the right thing at the right time and have a fit lifestyle.

The home remedies you read online for post-nasal drip treatments can cure the problem for good if they are continued for longer period. If you wish to treat you post-nasal drip, then continue the remedies even when the symptoms are gone, as that will help you with the prevention of this condition in the future.

Breathing exercises are vital for good health, especially for your respiratory systems and for all ENT problems. There are specific breathing exercises for post-nasal drip, however, you can perform many other breathing exercises simply because they will help you treat and cure many other problems that are associated with post-nasal drip. You can understand several breathing exercises from online sources and keep continuing them for months to see the right change in your health.

Along with the post-nasal drip treatments that word toward curing the problem for good, it is essential to pay special attention to the food your eat, products you consume and lifestyle you follow. This is important for you strong immune system. Add ginger, garlic and onion to your diet as they cure post-nasal drip. Also, try to eat more of organic natural food and less processed food. This will help you stay healthy over-all.