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Comcast cable, the pioneer in cable TV industry

Comcast cable, the pioneer in cable TV industry

Cable TV has always been preferred over satellite as it does not get interrupted by bad weather and is cost effective as well. Comcast Cable is one of the nation’s largest high-speed Internet, video and phone providers to residential clients and customers under the brand called XFINITY’.

It was first founded in 1963. Comcast cable TV is the leader in the cable TV industry. They also provide their services to businesses. The company has invested a lot in technology to build an advanced network that aims to deliver the fastest broadband speed. It brings its customers personalized communications, videos and home management offerings, thereby bringing the competence of cloud to the home management.

Comcast cable packages are available for TV, voice, Internet, and home management. The company is always working persistently to improve and provide their customers instant connection and entertainment anywhere, anytime and on any screen. Whether it is watching movies or catching up on favorite TV shows, XFINITY gives its customers all they need for their indoor home entertainment with great features and at an affordable price. It is quick as well as very easy to install on your television. Along with that, the service is enormously reliable.

XFINITY package deals
XFINITY’s Comcast cable package offers a great selection of TV shows, sports networks, movie channels etc. It offers you a large range of packages with various price points so that you can choose the one which fits your budget and taste.

The Digital Starter pack provides over 140 pre-loaded channels including Animal Planet, ABC Family, Cartoon Network, IFC and HGTV.

Comcast cable TV package also lets you watch live sports channels like NBA TV and NFL Network for just a few more dollars a month in the Digital Preferred package. This package consists of more than 220 channels including MTV, VH1, Nick Toons, and The Science Channel.

The next setup is the Digital Premier pack that consists of approximately 260 channels. In addition to the Digital Preferred package, it includes Sports, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz , TV Games and varieties of hit shows, classic movies and new releases. Also, it has a large selection of lifestyle programs such as home networks, cooking shows and children’s shows, like educational channels and cartoons plus a collection of science and travel channels.

X1 Starter Double Play offers an even wider selection to you. In this package, you get top HBO shows like the Game of Thrones and also the speed to download other shows in HD.

Comcast cable TV also offers you Latino packages – Latino 150 and Latino 450.

Installation process
Setting up a Comcast cable package is not at all complicated. It is as easy as selecting any package of your choice. All you have to do is call an XFINITY technician to your home for installing the cable. They offer you great customer service.