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Choosing the right wall panel for your home

Choosing the right wall panel for your home

Walls make up most of your home, and if you have started noticing that your home has started taking on a weathered look, chances are high that your walls are dull. Sure, you can put up some art, but there is only so much that a wall art can do. Perhaps your walls need something extra, like tastefully chosen wall paneling, to change them from drab to fab.

Before you go shopping for options, take a look around. What are the key features of your home? What would you like to keep, and what needs to go? What about your furniture? Do your research and decide the overall look that you would like to accomplish.

In terms of choice, the sky is the limit for today’s wall panels. Gone are the days when wood was your only choice. Modern materials allow us to mimic almost any look that you would like wood grains, stone or textured tile to create beautiful 3D designs. If you want to create an old-fashioned log cabin look for your sunroom, you no longer need to worry about the panels fading and losing color over time. Modern wall panels are made of highly fade resistant material that will keep looking fresh and retain vibrancy for years to come.

Bedrooms and your little reading corner will do well with a plush and cozy look. Consider tufted paneling for these rooms to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. If you have a fireplace in the living room, consider a stone-finish for the accent wall. Kids’ bedrooms and playrooms do well with playful patterns and textures – how about a big, colorful polka bubbles, or a jigsaw puzzle theme? Younger children will enjoy a flat, washable lower wall surface. That way, the next time they draw or paint on the walls, you can join the fun instead of freaking out.

If you like to entertain, and live in a small studio or loft, think of a bold metallic accent wall you need almost nothing else, because the wall will make for a terrific centerpiece, and will look stunning on party nights. You can even go all out and recreate retro-chic looks with kitschy, whimsical patterns and bright, flamboyant colors.

Apart from good looks, wall paneling is also relatively cheap, fast and easy to install, and goes up quickly on almost any surface. They hide away cables and wires that you’d rather not see, and provide excellent insulation and soundproofing. So, break out the notebook and pencil, get cracking on the choices and enjoy fabulous new walls in no time!