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Characteristics of Tervis tumblers

Characteristics of Tervis tumblers

When planning to shop for tumblers for your home, one of the first names that come into mind is Tervis tumblers. Although the name Tervis tumbler may be quite popular, you may not be that familiar with the wonderful characteristics of Tervis tumblers that make it extremely special and unique in every sense of the word. Read on to know more about Tervis tumblers:

What are they made from?
These tumblers are manufactured from a special kind of space-age polycarbonate that is actually the same kind of material that is used while making airplane windows, butteproof shields, and Space Shuttle. The polycarbonate quality that goes into these tumblers is around ten times more resistant to impacts compared to other kinds of plastics.

What makes them so popular?
With their beginnings as early as 1946, the double walled insulation of Tervis tumblers ensures that cold drinks remain cold and hot drinks retain their heat with the aid of wonderful properties of air. One of the other reasons why Tervis tumblers are so poplar are due to the reason they do not ever sweat like ordinary tumblers of mugs which means there are no traces of condensation on any part of your table or other furniture. You can say goodbye to using coasters once you begin using Tervis tumblers. These tumblers can be customized accordingly to add any motif that you desire.

Ideal for use outdoors
Tervis tumblers are just perfect for outdoor use as their double construction makes them completely shatter proof. And if by any chance your tumbler slips into your pool, do not panic as they will come back floating soon enough. With umpteen options and accessories ideal for travelling, Tervis tumblers can be customized according what exactly you have in mind.

Are they dishwasher safe?
The answer is yes. Tervis tumblers are strong enough to be put into your dishwasher without getting discolored or warped. Be it any cycle you put them through, Tervis tumblers will come out fine without any kind of damages. They are also safe to be put into your freezer and since they do not come with any kind of logos or metallic emblems, they can be micro waved as well. This is what makes them unique from everything else. These wonderful tumblers are break proof, scratch proof, and do not discolor or warp with use.

So, go ahead and get some of these wonderful Tervis tumblers to adorn your kitchen and enjoy using them.