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Bringing sofa covers into your decor scheme

Bringing sofa covers into your decor scheme

Your living room is one of the jewels of your home where your space looks its best and puts its best foot forward in terms of design personality. This is due to the fact that this is the space where we welcome our guests and show them how we live. Therefore, the living room indeed is an important space that has to be done up in a neat and tasteful manner.

Also, in this room, it is important to have cleanliness and neatness in every corner. This is the reason why this space should ideally be well-organized with plenty of place for storage in other quarters of the home. Further, one should take care of the fabric and also hide any spots and warts that cannot be replaced immediately. Sofa covers are one of the best decor options in this regard. Come and find out how we can do up our living room with sofa covers as one of the elements too.

What is a sofa cover?

A sofa cover is basically a covering or layer that can be applied to your sofa or couch. This can be done for various reasons. To begin with, most people take to this kind of covering because they want to protect their expensive upholstery. Also, there are others who have an old sofa or couch and they would like to cover the spots and stains without compromising on the looks of the piece. Further, there are times and occasions when the home may need a facelift or a new look and this is when we can make use of touches like new throw pillows and sofa covers.

You can choose sturdy fabrics like leather and suede sofa covers for your everyday purposes and even for parties. Chosen in muted and tan or neutral shades, these kind of sofa covers can easily make for a neat and robust look. You can pair this especially well with a vintage look.

Stretch elastic and made-to-order:
Once you have chosen the fabric, you can have the covers made to order. You can also choose elastic fabrics, which will sit smoothly across the entire sofa or couch. This will make the piece look neat and actually make the sofa cover look like the real skin of the sofa.

Prints and patterns:
In case your home has a more classic or retro feel with neutral surroundings, you can get one sofa covered in a printed or plaid fabric, which will bring out a whole new look. This can also look quirky and fun, depending on the kind of throw pillows and accessories you use – which should ideally be in solid colors.

Other decor elements:
Match throws, drapes and pillows as per the fabric and the patterns that you may have chosen and layer with curios and vases for a wholesome look.