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Best down-filled quilted jackets for men

Best down-filled quilted jackets for men

Nothing can beat a good quilted jacket, whether it is for casual wear or spring wear. They are known by different names like puffer jackets, down-filled jackets and quilted jackets for minor modifications in their insulation. There are many quilted leather jackets available for purchase varying in insulation, color, and weight. Quilting is nothing but decorative stitches with multiple layers of fabric. A padding layer is provided between these two layers. It is this padding layers that provides a three-dimensional look on jackets that have quilting and diamond shapes. Let us take a look at some of the best quilted or puffer jackets available for men.

Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody
Weighing 10.8 oz., Arc’teryx provides effective insulation along with a premium feel. They are a built expensive but at the same time look the best among all the quilted jackets. The closest competitor is the Patagonia when it comes to looks. Cerium LT is a flagship product among jackets and weighs the least. A Cerium LT hoody costs around $379.

Feathered Friends Eos
Weighing around 10.6 oz. Feathered Friends provides the best warmth to weight ratio. This is a jacket for serious outdoor people. Although they aren’t marketed to that extent, Feathered Friends are still considered top notch when it comes to their range of quilted and puffer jackets. The only drawback that they aren’t ranked first is their limited availability of colors. A Feathered Friend EOS costs around $309.

Rab Neutrino Endurance
Weighing around 22.4 oz., Rab is a perfect outdoor jacket with real heavy down fill. The jacket has a 30D Pertex shell which gives a quality feel along with good resistance to weather. The only downside could be the same heavy down fill which makes the jacket a little heavier when compared to other jackets in the same league. The Rab costs around $375.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded
Ghost Whisperer is a very lightweight jacket for incredible warmth. The jacket weighs around 7.7 oz. with a fill of 2.8 oz. The ghost whisperer comes with optional hood, two side pockets, and a side hem cinch. It is an ideal jacket for minimalist backpackers and climbers. The only drawback of this jacket is, ghost whisperer won’t stand up to harsh weather and might wear out. Ghost Whisperer is certainly not a jacket for daily use. The zipper that comes along with the jacket is a little flimsy and can be a disappointment. The jacket costs around $350.