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Different ways to use a rain poncho

Different ways to use a rain poncho

Totes Isotoner Corporation, known as Totes is famous for its rain and winter accessories which include umbrellas, footwear, unisex ponchos and winter wear. The company is based out in Cincinnati Ohio. The company sells its product in the name of Totes, Isotoner and ENSY. Their unisex rain poncho is one of the best available in the country. There are many brands that offer rainy wear but let us take a look at why buying totes can make one stand out.

A rain poncho covers up to the mid-thigh area and stays open from the bottom end. A poncho has a large hemline which can be a boon or a bane at different scenarios. Their large hemline makes the poncho easy to wear. Rain ponchos are designed windproof to keep the wearer warm during chilly nights. A rain poncho can also be used as a tent to protect your stuff when it is raining. Compared to rain jackets, ponchos are much lighter although they might not be good for close protection. Totes Unisex rain ponchos can be used in a number of creative ways. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Rainproof Tent
    A rain poncho can be an excellent substitute if one is without a backpacking tent. With a couple of sticks and ropes, one can create a rainproof tent to guard their stuff when it’s raining.
  • Floor Tarp
    A rain poncho can be used beneath a sleeping mat to keep it safe from getting wet during hiking.
  • Stretcher
    A rain poncho can be used as a makeshift stretcher in case of emergency. Making a frame out of sticks and then putting the poncho on them with buttons to hold them.
  • Water Container
    Since they are excellent waterproof rainwear, a rain poncho can be used to transport and store water. In cases like where the water body is away from the camping site, one can use their rain poncho to collect water and transport it to their campsites.

Following things have to be considered before selecting a rain poncho.

  • Water resistance: A rain poncho should be waterproof for it to serve its purpose efficiently. There are covered ponchos of different lengths.
  • Weight: A good rain poncho is one which weighs less and lasts longer. While hiking no one would prefer a rain poncho whose weight can be felt.

Elastic pull tabs, minor modifications in design are some of the minute things that make a good rain poncho best, and Totes Unisex rain poncho is one proud contender in that league.