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4 wardrobe essentials for every women

4 wardrobe essentials for every women

The worldwide problem every woman faces, they never have anything to wear. There’s no way around this dilemma, but this shouldn’t stop you from revamping your wardrobe with all the essential pieces of women’s clothing. These clothing items are what you can go to in case of emergencies, and you will definitely step out looking elegant.

So, if you wish to avoid the last-minute wardrobe-induced panic attack, ensure that your next shopping spree will include the following wardrobe essentials.

The classic white t-shirt
The white tee never goes out of style, and the good news is that you can pair it with anything, you can team it up with your favorite pair of jeans, suit it up with a sharp blazer and a classy trouser, or you can layer it up by wearing it with a cami top or slip dress. In fact, the classic white tee is a blessing in disguise for women who wish to look fashionable without taking too many efforts.

A well-fitting pair of jeans
Another piece of women’s clothing that has withstood the test of time and continues to be an important part of a woman’s wardrobe, irrespective of the age group she belongs to is the jeans. Whether it is a skinny fit or a straight-leg fit, you need to choose a pair of jeans that fits you snugly but allows your skin to breathe. So, when you are out shopping, choose a pair of jeans that flatters your curves, and it will remain incredible even after years of wearing them down.

An elegant longline blazer
The blazer is a multifunctional piece of women’s clothing. You can opt for the classic black longline blazer or opt for one with checks. Either way, you are opting for a clothing apparel that can be worn in any season. You can wear it on your work dresses or pair it with your jeans or smart leggings and favorite heels for the evening.

Long live the LBD
No woman’s wardrobe can be complete without the quintessential little black dress, which we fondly call as the LBD. The LBD is one of the most important wardrobe essentials, and it is the perfect answer to your “I don’t have anything to wear” dilemma. You can pair the LBD with flaming red heels for a girls’ night out or you can wear it with a pair of trainers if you are aiming for a more casual attire.